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Linhai Yongsheng Pipe Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Linhai Yongsheng Pipe Co., Ltd. is an enterprise which specializes in producing copper pipe fittings. The company has a large production scale, which is excellent in quality and complete in variety. It has advanced domestic automatic pipe production equipment and a comprehensive quality management system. It takes the four concepts of customer first, quality first, competitive price, and good service as its management aim.


The company's products are not only sold domestically, but also exported to foreign markets such as USA, Germany, UK, Ireland, and Japan, and have independent export rights. The products have been developed into five series - welded copper pipe fittings series, solder ring self-welded copper pipe fittings series, air conditioning copper pipe fittings series, O-ring single and double press-fitting series, cutting ferrules and threaded brass pipe fittings series. The products of all series are complete in specification, which can not only meet the requirements on pipe fitting products by GBCJ/T-2000, EN1254-1, ASME B16.22, and AS3688, but accept the ordering of various non-standard pipe fittings, according to the special requirements of customers. 


The company is located in the emerging city of Taizhou in Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 15800㎡. The multi-function comprehensive and modern international port - Taizhou Port, possessing the Taizhou Luqiao Airport, taking the Haimen Port as the axis, and Damaiyu Port and Jiantiao Port as the south and north wings, and penetrated by highways, enjoys a convenient traffic and beautiful scenery. 



Add:Mechanical Industrial Park, Duqiao Town, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province



Tel:+86-576-85528969 / +86-576-85528567






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